Pre Anaphora Hymns

In the Pre-Anaphora, the melody Fsheeto is used for the Transfer of the Offerings and Lmaryam Yoldat Aloho for the Incensing of the Offerings. However, these two melodies are sometimes used as Entrance Hymns or Qoleh. To avoid singing these melodies two times in the same liturgy, new alternate Syriac melodies have been composed for the Pre-Anaphora.

Over the past years there have been many different English versions of these two Pre-Anaphora hymns. The texts on this website have now become the official texts.

Stay tuned for more Maronite hymns.




1. The Lord Reigns (fsheeto)
2. The Lord Reigns 2 (fsheeto)
3. Our Lord Jesus Said (fsheeto)
4. Honor Mary 1 (lmaryam yoldat aloho)
5. Honor Mary 2 (lmaryam yoldat aloho)
6. Honor Mary 3 (lmaryam yoldat aloho)





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